Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Hospital Walls

by His Crimson Angel

It is time to go back too sleep.
I wish I had enough reason to believe.
But, these hospital walls are suffocating me.
When will I finally be able to leave??

I've been here now for over a week.
People don't know that it is less time then it seems.
This is all making it so hard to breathe.
These IV's are sucking life out of me.

How much more blood will my body reject?
I am scared, but, they say this wont end in death.

I feel my body slowly fade into the dark.
Why does nothing cease the beat of my heart?

I am ready to let it all go.
This world is no longer one that I know.
I tried to take it ease, to live life slow.
Still, I end up here and lose all hope.

Why won't the doctors just let me fade away?
I can't keep fighting when I don't want to live another day.
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