Tuesday, 11 June 2013

To dance to the music

by Raymond sawyer

When one is dancing to the music for one dance to the beat of once heart every beat of once heart is the beat of love how lovely you look in pink thus your smile is like the smile of love to dance to the music is to be in once arms of love.

To dance to the music is like being held closer to once heart just to hear the heart beat is like sitting by candle light for one see a lovely smile that can light a candle to dance to the music is like being kiss by the lady in pink.

Oh lovely lady in pink for every min with you for one can feel the love you share to hear the beautiful sound of love make once heart skip a beat to love is to want love thus with a name like your is a whisper in the night.

To see your face is to feel your love and yet your heart is fill with love thus may you bloom like a rose for one who see you shall be touch with love yet some where there a heart that wish for love to dance to the music.

Special star for special love for who's heart shall feel special love night after night for one dream of lady in pink the more one dream the more one want to hold you yet for every candle that one see for one see a beautiful face with a smile that lit the flame of love.   
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