Thursday, 20 June 2013

At your Fingertips

by Tara Kay

I was written with lightless ink,
and kept inside the padlocked notebook,
until my voice had a deeper purpose,
until I became strong enough to be heard.

Have you ever felt like the steps you took
forward were made redundant when life
caused you to backtrack?
But have you ever looked at the larger picture,
and seen that however minuscule a step,
however difficult it may have been,
the fact that you took it in the first place is a trophy of achievement,
and the knowledge that something greater always lies ahead?

Have you ever tried to find yourself with eyes that
were always obscured by the imperfections and lost
sight of the reasons you were even trying to succeed?
Have you ever just let yourself be as you are,
and not changed the inside to fit with the outside,
and learnt to love what makes you different?

There's never an easy route and there's never complete
security and self assurance in this world,
it was never made to be that way,
because you need challenges to find your strength,
and you need flaws to see beauty,
because it doesn't lie on the surface,
it's buried in your heart.

And the power to believe,
and find the good inside you,
is at your fingertips,
I dare you to touch it,
and live for now,
because you can.

© Tara-Kay Randall 19th June 2013
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