Monday, 10 June 2013

50 Lives, 50 Praises, 50 Poems

by Skyler

Dearest members,
You have entered my life when I started feeling creative,
You stood by when you read my first poem,
"The Heartbreak Solider",
That was my beginning spark,
As I let you guys into my sick, twisted mind to begin,
But now we have so many memories,
You've seen my heart fly,
You've seen my heart shattered,
You've seen me on cloud nine,
And you've seen me when I wanna die,
But I wanna thank every member that has supported me,
You've accepted me for me,
So all of you are great authors too,
But thank you for helping me reach my fiftieth poem,
I never thought I'd help people with my poetry,
But now I've reached fifty,
My next goal is for one hundred,
It took me a year to post fifty,
Than again I felt creatively deflated,
But I feel inspired,
So I'm going to try to reach my one hundred goal by December 31, 2013,
Anyone can help write these with me,
I hope I still be a help or influence,
I have told myself from the start,
I'm not in this for popularity,
I'm in this to help people with hardship in their lives,
So now fifty down,
Fifty more to go,
Lets turn the page,
And get this ramped up
Skyler Cole Barrett   
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