Friday, 28 June 2013

You Shouldn't Of Had Children In The First Place

by Sigoney Holder

Dad, Dad you there

I'll shrug it off now

But later I'll have a fight which shows that I care

Mum keeps saying that you're just running late

This is just an excuse that makes me angry and full of hate

Fuck it why should I try to email you

You're never there

You're probably in the Bahamas with that fat slut, Claire

Whenever you promise to talk to us little Lucy bounces off the wall and gets really happy

But then when it turns out to be a lie her little lip starts to quiver as she clings to me

And it's at this moment I feel like I want to die

Because I have to hold her in my arms as she starts to cry

I swear if you ever do bother to show up, then me and you will fight

I'll smack in you right in the face, regardless of your height

No one hurts my little sister or mother

It's just human nature for a son to protect his mother and a sister to be shielded by her brother

You think you're so important with your fancy gadgets and bags of cash

And you think you can just drop £50 in our banks for good will, which actually to me is just trash

Money means shit which is appropriate because you're full of it

If you were only going to fill us with such disgrace

You shouldn't of had children in the first place.
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