Wednesday, 5 June 2013

By Amy

Why the hell is life so unfair to me?
I've always tried to be nice to everyone
Ive tried to help everyone
Never did anything bad
NEver hurt anyone
Just wanna see everyone happy
Even if it means i'll be sad
I care about everyone more
Than i care about myself
I know its wrong
Especially with some friends i have
Who never appreciate me
Being there for them Everyday
Every minute of life
Helping them to go through their problems
I've never accused anyone
Even if i know it's their fault
Even if i know they hurt me nd they're guilty
I keep telling myself that its not their fault
That its my fault and i even say sorry to them
I HATE LIVING like this
I just wanna change
I know alot of people like me this way
But its cuz they take advantage of my niceness
I wanna change and start thinking about me first
To put myself in front of everyone else
But i just cant
Whenever i try to change myself
And become someone else
I start to act differently
I start to ack selfish like my friends
But i still cant put away my niceness
And how many classes i've failed
Becuz I tried to help other pass
And today i have the kind of friends
Who wouldnt even lose their one hair 4 me
And after all this that i do for them
They dont care about me or other
They want themselves to be happy
And that all that matters for them
BUt isnt it wrong ppl????
i dont wanna be selfish like them
But at least i need to change a BIT
CUz i hate living like this
And all i do is cry and cry....   
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