Friday, 28 June 2013

So Far, So Bad

by Stephanie Tangedahl

I'm a skinny little bitch
With a big ass heart, possibly
But it's hard to keep a heart
When shit begins to fall apart

You wanna spit on the ones
Who got it better than you
But you can't do that
Cause you're the one without a clue

Man, i got a job
But it don't get me nowhere
Cause I'm just another fuck
Without a penny to spare

Where am I to go
When I ain't got a place?
A failure in the making;
Just another basket case

I used to say fuck the world
And the people in it too
But now all I got to say
Is to myself, "fuck you."

"You'll succeed apart from those
Who never gave a shit,"
Yeah, yeah, you know how long it's been
And that one still hasn't hit?

What the fuck does that mean
If those fucks didn't care?
I'd just be succeeding
And with my name, that's rare.
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