Wednesday, 5 June 2013

 by Onethuscome

I have not had the courage
to take myself in hand and
shame no longer my divinity

to claim what is mine as a
an offspring of God but rather
dissemble in regret and uncertainty

I have sinned against natures
charge to love myself
and heavens word more exacting
have shown myself false
feigning blindness
making sport in daylight wasting

Gods heros even monsters
hold true to themselves
girted with the sure knowledge
of their place in the world

boldness lacking I can not
bring myself to say,"For myself was the world
created and for yourself the world was created"

but I will not have it that I am machine
thru and thru and forfeit soul
without proof

but what god needs proving?
I am too are here
the world,myself,yourself
require not proof but acceptance
of all that can be known
and that wending, drive our
implacable will back into nature
from whence it srung an
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