Monday, 10 June 2013

Unborn Hero

by Hannah Lizette

Dusk and dawn camouflaged
themselves inside a fallen
soldier's daydream,

cinema lights beamed while
he buttered his fingers with
popcorn flavored memories
and slurped an extra-large
fountain of youth.

He anticipated the previews
of consciousness to end,
counting seconds until
he could watch the film
of a life he would never live.

His future wife caressed
the scent of him between
her hands,
tracing carved marble
like she was doodling
his name with hers
along an endless line.

A mirage of a son
that he never had the
chance to create saluted
the wind in honor of
an unborn hero.

Reflections of an
envied man stare
into memorized pupils -
climbing the mountains
of wrinkled cheekbones
and voyaging through
a shallow forest of an
ashen widows-peak.

As the credits rolled
behind his eyelids,
he bestowed eternal
sacrifice to his country.
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