Thursday, 20 June 2013

On my own

by Atsbb

I trusted so many before you
Even though I knew there was none to compare
You were there as long as I remember
Waiting to hold my hand but it was me who did not care
If only I had trusted and relied on your love
Today would have been very much different
And there would be nothing to despair

Happiness eluded me time and again
Not because you did not love
But due to my own folly as I did not care
I trusted my own ego and moved on
In search of worldly joys that did not exist
The temptations which I could not resist
And wasted my life even though you much cared

Success was always so near
But could not write my name on it
I had all that was needed but somehow it did not click
It is not always easy to be on the same side
And come out a winner without you as our guide
However much we try, the target will go astray
The best of archer will fail with the blink of an eye

So trust in Him who is our Creator
His mighty hand is there ever near
We cannot do anything without His will
As much as we try just as an old cranky mill
His love endures forever because He cares
On your own O Creation please don't dare
Without His power life will be just a nightmare

Now that I have learnt my lesson
I will walk in His ways
Storms will still be there but I trust in His grace
In the midst of troubles and drowning waters He will make a way
Lift us up so that we don't go astray
And when this life comes to an end
I will lay into HIS arms fully content   
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