Monday, 10 June 2013

I Smiled Because of You

by CathyButterflyJC

Dedicated to James Howard, a truly special soul in my life whom I am ever honored to call my very one bro of my soul!!!

I am as sure as the sky is blue
And the grass is green
And that a bird's chirp is a delightful sound
That you are my soul brother
And me your soul sister
That we have a special connection
A fabric that holds us together
A bond no one may separate
Brother and sister combined we belong
Meant to hold each other with a set of loving hands through harsh times

I love you bro
You make each day better
And each new sun at morn
You are a joy on my lips
A pair of arms that can keep me grounded
And a voice that builds me up
You are the lift in my stand
The purr in my laugh
The smile on my face
And a wonder in my eyes
I am so lucky for you my dear bro

I love how you cheer me on
And support my dreams
You're always honest with me
And you trust me and I can you
I love your care for animals
And your passion for peace and love
I love everything there is to you
I love your poetry
And kind words
You have a heart of gold
You are perfect
Don't ever change
And always follow your hopes and dreams
Strive to be happy
And always be yourself
You are so amazing bro
I am so lucky to have you in my life
I thank God everyday
And smile every time we speak
I am excited for one day
You are always here for me
We lift each other up
Wipe away the others tears
I am truly thankful you're here
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