Friday, 21 June 2013

A believer

by Kate

You take my breath away.
you touch me like no one else could ever do.
you hold me in your arms at night.
and we begin to kiss., a kiss that tells a story.

butterfly's fluttering
in my stomach.
every time I see you.
your eyes are green and they get to me.
I love touching you, hugging you.
just being with you makes everything better.

I love you so much more than anything.
words can't speak of how I feel.
but I try to write them down.
to show someone what I feel toward you.
to show myself that I am in love with someone so great.
that this isn't just a dream, this is life.

my life went to downfall to an uprising.
because of you., you made me what I am right now.
It's a great feeling and I thank you for that.
thank you for everything you've ever done for me.

I have the most amazing boyfriend.
that treats me so good, I wouldn't want anyone else.
the only person I need is you right now with me.
holding me and kissing my lips for years to come hopefully.

I did tell you forever and ever.
I promise that, this might not make sense.
but this is what I'm feeling at this moment.
and felt like maybe I should write it down.
maybe even type it out on this website.
and make myself a believer that someone.
so great is out here and he's with me.   
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