Thursday, 13 June 2013


by Allhallows Eve

My gown flows with a delicate grace that cannot be mimicked while I walk through the heavy wooden doors
My mask in place over my eyes, shadowed, as if they hold a terrifying yet compelling secret
My scarlet hair billowing around me to my waist, complimenting the ebony of my dress as it twirls upon the floor
I watch as heads turn towards me, mesmerized, their eyes are trained on me
As I complete their quaint and thrilling masquerade.
A man so tall looms before me, auburn hair glistening in the candle light, he takes my gloved hand
I smile slightly at his little and ridiculous charade
For he is a poor excuse for a gentleman.
His maiden stands beside him, her eyes glaring at me with glorious jealousy
I push past such petty people with ease; a slight yet agile boy bows deeply in greeting
"I do beg your pardon, madam, but I wish to ask for a dance" he grins, his teeth gleaming
With a slight nod of my head, he leads mr through the restless crowd to where we begin twirling.
His arms, so strong, around my waist
Make my heart and breathing quicken with longing
I lean against his lips, upon them his soul I taste
My stomach tightens and aches with sadness; he arms winding around me strongly.
His mask, oddly and amazingly intricate, hides his mysterious identity though it can't hide his electric blue eyes
His attire of alluring black melts into my own with undeniable intensity and intimacy
My own mask rids me of my horrid self and hides the tears that stream as someone must die
Or I shall suffer the ugliest hell perpetually...
"My dear, you quake beneath my fingers," he says quietly
He removes his mask, his face so smooth and elegant
"You should never have come to the masquerade..."
"I disagree, I would never have met you, why say such a thing on a night so splendid?"
A knife slides down my sleeve as I rip myself from his embrace so secure
This man, I love him, I know him, I see the ring that lies on his left hand
As I grasp the knife, I reveal myself from underneath my jewel encrusted mask
"Austin... I'm sorry" I whisper to this perfect man
He gasps in awe and horror "Maria... How-"
His words cut off as I plunged the knife into his heart
"He made me, my love!" I sob aloud
"Who?" he gasped as his speech fell apart
"The voice within me... He did it again."
I dried my tears and walked away quickly
My gown gleaming my love's blood and my heart's suffering
Another love gone, another masquerade of death haunts me
As a dark cloud seeps out of my body to materialize within the fading light
"Another soul captured, dearest Maria, of you I am proud once more"
The voice within me hisses into the night
"Of course, Master" I murmur and smile through the pain I constantly endure
He seeps back into me, his evil deteriorating me
While I walk down the road in my bloody dress again,
As I prepare for my next masquerade.
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