Monday, 10 June 2013

The Voice Always Wins

by Phantasticstarkid

"You're disgusting," says her reflection
As she stares at her own face
"You're fat and you're ugly
And your hair is all out of place."

She grimaces and rolls her eyes
Then steps onto her scale
"See?!" screams the voice in her mind
"You're bigger than a whale."

She sticks two fingers down her throat
But knows she can't do this
So instead she takes a razor
And puts it to her wrist.

The pain is searing
But only at first
Cause she knows that she deserves
Much, much worse.

"You can't do anything right,"
Says the voice in her head
"If you actually knew how to cut,
You'd already be dead."

Tears form in her eyes
As she hears how worthless she is
The voice is always telling her
That she shouldn't even exist.

"That's it!" she screams
"I've had enough of you!"
Then she storms out of the room
Knowing exactly what to do.

She goes into her basement
And gets a shotgun off the wall
Then she shoots herself in the face
To stop the voice after all.

She hears the voice one more time
As she falls down to her shins
"Die, my little puppet, die
Because the voice always wins."
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