Wednesday, 5 June 2013

 by Lacie

Blood like fire, quick to spread.
drag me deeper under head.
crimson payback covers the floor,
hurry up and shut the door.

Come in come in, keep life out.
leave all the worries terrors and doubts.
Join the dead, it will be fun.
Hurry up and grab that gun.

Pull the trigger, pull it fast.
hurry up this chance won't last.
What do you have to leave behind?
A house a car a wonderful life?

So what who cares you can be cool,
It simple what you have to do.
Just simply pull the trigger back,
Then you can sit back, relax.

Just one quick move,
A simple though.
Just take that gun,
let it run.

Let the bullet Peirce Ur heart,
It's quick and simple, sweet and tart.
Let Ur crimson blood run free,
Let it flow just like the sea.

OK, lets make this simple like a game?
Quick and easy fun to play.
Take the gun and load it quick,
Hurry before your fingers stick.

Pick your place of death to be.
Leave a note if need may be.
say good-bye to the ones you love.
Time is short now hurry up.

Put the gun right on that spot.
One deep breath and all is hot.
You slowly pull the trigger back.
Boom! your dead imagine that.

Now you sit and rot in hell.
And listen to those ringing bells.
reminding you of what you did,
would you care to play again?   
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