Wednesday, 5 June 2013

 by ..::Angel of your darkness::..

His eyes where of darkness
Reflected from his soul
His heart had been shattered
Left broken and cold

He was a warrior of evil
Fighting for what was wrong
He came to me one night
When he heard my deadly song

Under the red moon we met
Fell into an icy embrace
It sent shivers up my spine
Just to stare upon his face

He held me so tightly
Fighting against my will
Using his power to control me
All I could do was stand still

He kissed my lips
Sending fear through me
Making my mind race
As he watched my body

I glared at him
Fire in my eyes
He saw right through
My helpless disguise

My smile made him afraid
He thought he was in control
My eyes and hair turned black
Darkened like mine and his soul

My skin went pale
Like the moons glow
And in the darkness
My true colours did show

We stared at eachother
Moving closer than before
He saw in my eyes
I was not afraid anymore

Once again he kissed me
This time I kissed him back
Two dark souls together
Both evil and black
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