Monday, 10 June 2013


by Allhallows Eve

Raggedly breathing
As I stare at the razor
Temptingly gleaming
From across the floor
My words meaning nothing
As I told you I love you
The one I called savior
But what you want to do,
Kill yourself over love lost
End the pain that's trying
But when I try to talk
It's only into silence.
You said it didn't matter
That I'm wasting my breath
That if you couldn't have her,
You'll end up dead.
I'm sorry you feel this way,
I'm sorry I can't help
The way you brightened my day
As I stared into hell
No matter the silence,
No matter the scared boy,
I will try and keep you close
Because your heart is not a toy.
If I lose you, dear friend of mine,
I can promise them all
I'll lose myself in a short time
Because you're the strongest one I know.

*I love you, Scott-E*
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