Monday, 10 June 2013

Angel, I should've told you...

by Rolo

Your laughter speaks the loudest
And you tell me that you're fine
Angel, don't you lie to me
It's time to draw the line

Tell me why you're breaking apart
And why it hurts to give a smile
Give me a chance to let you in
And you'll find that it's worthwhile

I can tell you're trying so very hard
To swallow your faults and fears
I can hear you when you whisper
"If you only knew of all my tears"

You're losing yourself a little at a time
I see you're starting to fade away
Angel, don't you lose your hope
If you come to me, I will stay

"What's wrong", you're always asked
You return with the same reply
"Nothing, I'm okay..." said with
a disheartened twinkle in your eye

I can see the suffering you lock away
With all of the memories that you keep
I can always see your tired face
From when you cry yourself to sleep

It's quite obvious that you want to go
But, you can't leave me here alone
Angel, Don't you let go of your life
I'll fill the gaps that need to be sewn


If only I told you everything that I felt,
And if only you knew of all my love
Then maybe you'd be my angel on Earth
Instead of an angel flying up above


Knowing and thinking it just isn't enough sometimes.
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