Friday, 21 June 2013

I'm not kidding a fool, but only a believer

by TeRiA

Lost love? Please, that's not what this is about.
I'm searching for true love, not dreading my past.

My mother, she watches me daily - oh boy.
How I dread her eyes following me, as if I'm a toy.

I'm looking around to see what I see,
but what I'm blinded by, I know it can't be.

The kid that I knew back in my day,
ten years old in that pool, not knowing what to say.

He was there through everything,
until we moved too far away.

At an age like that, contact is rare.
Seeing him again, I can't help but stare

His hair has grown, he's even got some facial.
But this line between us, seems a bit spatial.

Does he see me? I haven't a clue,
his eyes aren't looking ... I'm hoping for a glance.

Somehow I doubt he'll even know who I am,
it's been years upon years - my brain screams 'condemn'

But, I can feel my heart tugging, it's pulling forth
I've not an ounce of confidence, but I'm feeling some worth.

I beg you oh Lord, please let him know me ..
That smile, oh that smile, I can tell that he does

And, that's the story that ended my search,
but a few years later we married in a classical church.

You know who I'm kidding though? Don't you dear reader -
I'm not kidding a fool, but only a believer
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